Friday, December 2, 2016

7 years together

In early November, Tyson and I celebrated our 7th wedding Anniversary. Tyson planned for us to go to National Harbor where we would ride the Capital Wheel- a giant Ferris Wheel over the Potomac River. I had forgotten how bad my fear of heights was. I kept telling Tyson he wasn't allowed to move when we reached the top. I was terrified that we would break our little pod and come crashing down. Seriously- I have a problem! After about the 4-5 time around, I started to ease up and move around a bit, but not much. It was really a great experience though. I'm glad we did it so we could check it off our To Do list, and never do it again. Until we go to London and do the famous London Eye. I don't remember having a fear of being up in the London Eye. So I can't wait to take Tyson for his first time. I'm hoping my fears stay at bay for that experience. 

We had dinner at one of the best Mexican food restaurants we have tried out here. We walked around for a few hours and really just enjoyed our time together. I love date nights and we've been doing a really great job at making it a regular habit lately. I love our babysitter!!!! and spending extra time with Tyson - just us- more often. 

Now onto making more married memories :)

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