Sunday, November 20, 2016

Our visit to the National Gallery of Art

The girls and I went to the National Gallery of Art two weeks ago and had such a great time. We met our friends Logan, Lynne, Carson and their grandma. The kids had the day off school so getting together was a must! 

I admit that it can be dating when thinking about taking your kids to an Art museum where there isn't a whole lot of "hands on" activities like the museums surrounding this one. But I love it. I love watching my girls learning about art, listening to what their favorite part of a particular painting is, and watching them take in the art in their own way. 
This time, Taryn had her arms folded for a majority of the time she was in front of an art piece with a pensive look on her face. That was the best for me. I felt like she was taking the time to look at the paintings and enjoying her time. 

The kind docent pointed out to us that no matter where you are in this room, the ice skater's foot would point towards you. The kids were blown away. The picture above shows Logan pacing back and forth (with the cutest astonished look on his face) watching the skater's shoe. 

Lynne and her two boys. She's such good mom. 

This is my favorite Haddie pose of the day. She had her arm behind her back and studied the army men and the big horse sculpted into this art work. My kids are understanding it- piece by piece- that art is beauty and up to many different interpretations. 

We tend to walk rather quickly through the museums, and although I wish I could spend hours at an Art museum, that's just not may phase of life right now. Tyson and I talk about how lovely it would be to go on a date to an Art Museum. We just have to find an art museum that stays open late enough for us to enjoy after work, or coordinate and day time babysitter for a little mid day date. 

This instillation has been one of my favorites for the past 4 years. As you stand on moving sidewalks (one going each direction) the lights above walk way change shape, turn off and on and move along with you. The kids always love this one and make their way up and down it several times. 

After about an hour of taking in art (and having a snack break) we let the kids run around on The National Mall together, crunching in the Fall leaves before I had to scram and try to pick up an NES system for Tyson (his Christmas present. ) Little did we know it was going to be impossible to get one. Oh well! 

We love our friends and the great times we have with them. Slowly but surely we are turning our kids into little cultured humans :)

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