Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Our Sunday walk through Dumbarton Oaks Gardens

Those fall leaves were stunning!!!

On a beautiful Saturday morning two weeks ago, we all got dressed in our Sunday best, except for Taryn who was dressed in her soccer uniform. We made it to her game bright and early and feeling quite awkward in our really nice dress clothes next to all the other parents in sweat pants and exercise apparel. After Taryn's great game, we jumped in the car and drove down the beautiful George Washington Parkway (or GW pkwy for us locals) to get to a baptism. Taryn changed in the car from her soccer uniform to her Sunday dress clothes and then we all headed in for a beautiful baptism. 
After the baptism, we couldn't believe how perfect the weather was and how beautiful all the fall leaves were. So we pulled over to the River Farm along the Potomac River and explored with Tyson, it being his first time at the River Farm. We had the whole place to ourselves because right after we entered, they placed a big sign in front of the entrance saying, "Private Event Today. No visitors." Ha! I'm glad we got in before the sign. Or did they put up the sign when they saw us wandering around ???? :)

A close up of the girls and their funny "the Sun is in my eyes!" faces. 

The crunch of leaves underfoot is really amazing. .

This little bench is one that my girls love to sit on. It's made out of dirt and grass. All natural. Pretty cool if you ask me! A perfect place to blow bubbles. 

You can't beat this amazing view. 

After just loving everything about being outside that day, we decided to go to Dumbarton Oaks Garden and enjoy the breath taking gardens. In the fall, the gardens are free to visit and there are still flowers in bloom everywhere. We are always amazed that the fall/winter vegetation is still going strong. 
Taryn and Hadleigh spent a large amount of time rolling, jumping, cart wheeling, and running on this big lot of grass. Barefoot. These "city kids" don't see a lot of open grass so we let them run wild. 

Then off to explore the gardens with the girls for the first time. Tyson and I had visited 2 years ago (to the day!) on our Anniversary and it was still as magical as the first time. 

It felt as if some of the twists and turns of the garden were straight out of the Secret Garden. The girls were in love! 

These dreamy English gardens kept me amazed at it's beauty with every step. 

Then Taryn wanted to take pictures. And I was super impressed with her attention to detail. She took the above photo of Haddie (one of my favorites of her now) and the rest of the photos below. 

When Taryn asked Tyson and me to be her "models," she asked us to take a picture with us holding hands :) I actually really like that picture too. 

I love that these adventures as a family build so many great memories. We can take a normal Saturday and make it extraordinary while making memories to keep forever. 

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