Monday, August 1, 2016

29 on the 29th. Celebrating Tyson's golden birthday

Tyson celebrated turning 29 years old on Friday. It was his Golden Birthday so I made sure the decor was full of gold! He requested a Scott Tradition- Birthday Breakfast Bundt Cake! It is the best cake ever! Who can resist a cinnamon and sugar swirl?! 

The girls really wanted to give him a gift this year so I let them pick out a little something each. Taryn picked a plush talking Kylo Ren from Star Wars and Haddie picked a blue squishy dinosaur. Tyson took both to work with him that day :)

To celebrate his special day, we went to The Water Mine Family Swimming' Hole. It was our 2nd annual trip there and still so much fun for everyone. The girls do so well at swimming around and riding down the water slides. They are two very adventurous girls and I love their "no fear" approach. 

We quickly realized that Haddie was getting to the end of her rope, though she was still playing hard. So we packed up after giving the girls a 10 slide limit. Taryn was very smart and made sure to divide her rides up with long swims in-between. She keeps us on our toes, that one! We'll have to be smarter about how we phrase things next time. But I'm actually quite proud of her for thinking about it in a smart way. 

We left without taking any pictures at the Water Mine (just like last year-ugh!) and headed to Ray's Hell Burgers. We thought it was great, just not a place we would take kids again. A definite hole in the wall with the most amazing sweet potato fries we've have ever had. 

It was a lot of fun to spend our weekend celebrating Tyson and what a great person he is. I am grateful for him everyday! 

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