Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Taryn's drawings

I LOVE her Magna Doodle drawings. 
She creates them in seconds and I've made a point to try and take a picture of each one. Her drawing is changing every day and I want to remember this phase of stick arms coming out of heads, stick legs, and larger than life heads :)

                                      A picture of Hadleigh that Taryn drew a few weeks ago.
      "Mom, this is Hadleigh, this is her face, this is her body, this is her tube where she gets her food." Taryn draws pictures of Hadleigh with her tube or occasionally  pretends her baby dolls have feeding tubes. She cares for her sister so much and knows that even though Hadleigh has a tube, she is still her sister. Hadleigh's tube has been incredibly helpful but I wish she didn't have to have it at all.

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