Sunday, October 19, 2014

Everyday scenes- my two little munchkins

Grocery shopping in this cart, with a free cookie for each girl, made for the best shopping trip ever. Thank you, Harris Teeter.

Our little Jack Jack from The Incredibles look alike

Sister morning snuggles

Their faces!!

No idea how she can sleep like that.

Pirates for the day. (guess Hadleigh's parrot was taking a nap??)

When picking out her own outfit and putting it on, 
"Mom, I'm dressed like a zebra today!"

"Mom don't take a picture! Help me!" 
Sleeping all night can get rough sometimes.

Their faces! Again! 
Daddy/daughter Saturday playtime at the library

This little princess :)

Oh so sorry Hadleigh…. :)

Playing and munching on her apple

This is what happens when Mom and Hadleigh's O.T. are too busy talking to each other. 

Clear the roads, she's on a mission. And that hair... achieved without a convertible!

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