Tuesday, July 29, 2014

27 candles on His birthday cake

When we lit the candles on Sunday, I told Tyson that his cake looked like it was going to set on fire! 27 candles seems like a lot, but really, He is still young and going strong. We celebrated with cake & family on Sunday but his real birthday is today. And what a day it is! I mean, someone who controls the weather must have known how awesome Tyson is and said, "Today, it's Tyson's birthday. So I'm going to make it 79 degrees, breezy, and not humid…..in JULY…..in VIRGINIA!!!!! Seriously unheard of for this time of year. It's because Tyson is that cool, he can control how fantastic even the weather is. 

We're looking forward to celebrating Tyson all day long…and even longer, for his special day. We love Tyson and all he is, does and provides for our little family. He is incredibly smart, handsome, funny, and caring. Us 3 girls are just so lucky to have him in our lives. 

Happy 27th Birthday, Tyson! 
We love you!

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