Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pumpkins and Fall

photo by Wiki Visual

Everything pumpkin! It started with pumpkin chocolate chip bread. Then that led to Pumpkin waffles, and there is my all time favorite pumpkin roll that is due to enter my belly any day now. I love it! Last night as I was leaving work the air was still and there was a slight chill. Yup, that says it all right there. Fall. And how I missed you! I love opening the door in the morning and feeling the very cool air!

Now the fact that fall apparently lasts only 2 weeks in grovery stores and that now all I see when I go there is Christmas is still a little strange. But it's has me thinking of all the wonderful baking, cooking and decorating that makes this season so much fun.

Last night, Tys and I enjoyed our first cups of Stephen's Mint Truffle Hot Chocolate. Yes- I bought my cans early this year. We all know what happens when you finish off your first can in mid December (memory from 2009). Sold out! Everywhere! So I am trying to be like the boy scouts. Always be prepared, with an extra can of hot chocolate that is.

In other news, Tyson finished mid-terms! Yay! But now has the worst cold ever (this is his body's attempt at trying to recover from all the stress and lack of sleep during the past two weeks.) And this guy never gets sick. Sad day. But he is heavily medicated on DayQuil/Nyquil and those amazing throat lozenges that taste like candy (sugar free of course!) Better days to come!

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