Monday, October 4, 2010

How to Destroy your Husbands Lap Top

This simple tutorial can help you ruin a great computer and make a mess at the same time!

1. Fill a glass up with water
2. Take it over to the desk and place it near the edge
3. Start checking emails
4. Drink out of said cup but leave most of the water in it
5. Ignore the thought, "Wouldn't that be horrible if this cup tipped over and fell on Tyson's computer..."
6. Continue working on your computer and forget said thought.
7. Remember that you want to get something and jump up WAY TO QUICKLY
8. Brush the side of your cup with the back of your hand.
9. Watch as the cup, in slow motion, spills it's contents all over your husband's laptop
10. Apply liberally
11. Freak Out
12. Flip computer upside down and watch as a waterfall of water pours off of it
13. Keep the computer flipped upside down
14. Have a quick moment of amnesia- "Where are the towels?"
15. Run and grab a towel and dry off the computer.
16. Shut off the computer
17. Grab a hairdryer and proceed to blow it under each button
18. Leave portable fan on the computer for two hours to make sure it's dry
19. Turn on the computer to see if it is still working before Husband comes home
20. Sign with relief. No apparent damage.....yet......

1 comment:

  1. Cute blog post, Brianna. It sure made for a good laugh, but at the expense of a wounded laptop. Hope it is still working okay.-Brittany