Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The doctor's good report!

I always look forward to my monthly ( bi-monthly soon!) OBGYN appointments. I get a good check up of our baby's health and my health. And what more could you ask for then healthy news all around!?!

Our lil' guy is growing at a great rate with healthy ultrasound reports and a great heart beat!
He's moving and kicking all the time and I am feeling him more and more (and he's kicking harder and harder!)

My doctor told me I am doing excellent in the weight category. Gaining an appropriate amount and not too quickly. She was really impressed with that and my very very low blood pressure. Today it was 100/60. Great!

It makes me feel so good that my efforts to try to stay fit and healthy for our baby and me are working! I told Tyson in the beginning that I really wanted to watch my health during this pregnancy and I hope that everything will turn out to be great in the end!

22 weeks and doing very well!

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