Monday, February 15, 2010

Fondue Fun

The Booth family invited Tyson and I for a Fondue Sunday Dinner on Valentine's Day. We enjoyed delicious Cheese fondue (dipping ham, broccoli, brussel sprouts, and bread!)
For dessert we had a Chocolate Fondue and a Lemon Fondue (pictured above). We dipped rice krispy treats, cream puffs, pineapple, bananas and angel food cake!
Thank you for the great dinner and dessert!

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  1. Hey Brianna!!! It is so good to "see" you through your blog! My goodness. I just added you to our blog and I see you've got me here - I'm so glad - why didn't you leave a comment before? Well, you guys look great together and I'm glad to hear yoyr first married Valentine's was a hit! Being married really is the best. have so much to look forward to as well. That's the best part! :)