Wednesday, June 13, 2018

February 2018

February was a fun and busy month! This crazy girl decided that she was going to start loosing her teeth like crazy! The tooth fairy forgot more than once to put money under her pillow :)

But that didn't stop Taryn from being the happiest girl on the block once she had finally decided her beyond loose tooth was ready to pull. 

Tyson loves to have his special daddy daughter dates with the girls. I had a lot of friends having babies from December to May, so there were lots of baby showers to attend! That meant Tyson had the girls over lunch on Saturday at least twice a month. It wasn't uncommon for them to come home and say, " We got firehouse subs!!" a favorite with the girls and Tyson (and me!) It's the one place we go where our girls devour every single bite. Even pizza or burgers don't stand up to firehouse subs. 

There was a cute pair of sisters in our ward, Emo & MJ Henshaw, and one Sunday we realized they were matching the same day Taryn and Haddie were matching. It was our friend Rachel Zobell who pointed it out and got a picture. Too Cute! 

I posted a little bit about this in the month of January, but seriously, Haddie and Taryn have me take pictures of their toys in the specific way they set them up all the time! I love Haddie's crossed legs in the top picture. She's looking mighty serious about her toys. 

A typical rainy day pick up at Taryn's elementary school. Umbrellas as far as the eye can see! That's Haddie in the right hand corner with her purple umbrella, dark purple jacket, "star Pants" and rainbows. 

Snacks while riding a unicorn. 
What could be better in life?

We've begun practicing Haleigh's name writing. Poor girl has a super long name but she is doing a great job at learning it. 

Sleeping Queens
Taryn and HAddie love to play this game with Tyson or me. It's an easy game for the girls to learn but it tests their math, memory and strategy skills. 

We had some schedule changes recently which means our girls wake up super early so we can help our friends and look after them at 7:15am. These early hours make for one really tired Hadleigh. She LOVES her sleep, has asked to go to bed most of her life and never hesitates to tell me she's tired. So we brought back the naps that haven't made an appearance since she was 2 years old. I was surprised at how well she does with naps back in her system. She still goes to bed at the same time which is great and now Haddie is WAY happier during the last ten minutes of our bedtime routine. No more colossal meltdowns. Totally win for everyone. 

Valentine's Day!
My mom sent this cute apron for my girls on Valentine's Day so we had the girls give it a test run so we could send pictures to Grandma. 

All dressed and ready for the love day. We did hearts, purple, pink and red as much a we could. even Tyson wore red/pink (with some dark blue mixed in =very nice looking) to work. 

Our friend Ali Essig hosted a Valentine's Day party where everyone could decorate cookies and have lunch. It was a fun turnout. There were sprinkles everywhere!

I made some yummy cheese fondue for dinner and a chocolate dessert fondue for later. It was all so delicious and I really like these types of dinners. The kids were all in for using the pokers and I loved the variety and easy of set up. 

As Part of the 100 days of school the kids in all grades dressed up as old people. It was hilarious to see some of the costumes kids came up with. Taryn thought of her costume by herself! I just helped her by taking out the lenses of an old pair of sunglasses. She looked adorable!

Notorious Nick the mob boss
or Tyson dressed up for a Murder Mystery Birthday party.

Tyson and I had so much fun going to this murder mystery party for our friend David Zobell. 
Tyson knew exactly what he wanted to wear and I was able to track down all the pieces. Mine took a little hunting at a costume store and the Goodwill, but eventually I made it happen. 

Tyson, or Notorious Nick, ended up dying in the first 20 minutes. We then had to figure out who murdered him. It was a great night spent with great people!
(Tyson became the detective after he died, so he was still able to be apart of the game)

Such a fun group of people!

Taryn turned 7 years old and wanted to celebrate with a doggy party. Tyson and I worked together to make this party a total success. The kids had a blast and Taryn was the happiest girl!

The kids came into our home and made their dog tags complete with their dog names that they went by for the rest of the party. 

We played "Best Bark"

We cleared out our basement and blew up balloons with dog actions in them. The kids would hit the balloon, trying to keep it off the ground, to the music of "Who let the Dogs out!" The last person to touch the balloon got to pop it and do the dog action. 

Opening presents 
and more games!

And lunch was pizza and veggies while watching funny dog videos before the parents came. 
I planned out all the games and activities for the party and I gave Tyson a timeline. He went through and planned out the activities (down to the songs we would play during it all) and he was our time keeper during the party. That's one of the things I love about Tyson. I usually pick out what I need done and he works it into our time frame. Love him!!!

Oh! and cake! Taryn was a lucky girl and got two cakes! One for her actual birthday and one for her party. This is the cake she requested. A dalmatian dog crouching down. 

And this is the cake that I came up with to make for her on her birthday. More spots and of course the color blue!

Look at those yummy layers of chocolate cake and chocolate frosting!

Brooke and Cody came to visit us in D.C. so they could tour some law schools. We were happy to have them out here with us but sadly they won't be coming to the area for law school :( 
That's ok! 

Taryn and Haddie were excited to explain Sleeping Queens to Cody and Brooke. 
The face above that Brooke is giving says "Are you kidding me!" because the girls were toasting both of them!

Lots of park play dates for Haddie at playgroup. 
Haddie and Olivia love to play together.

Sometimes I just have to cake cakes done while the girls are awake. So we co-create. The girls were making some Valentine's Day cards while I was finishing the final coat on a cake. 

That cake became this! A gender reveal cake for our friends. 
I'm really loving all the cakes that I've been making lately. I'll keep posting a few here because it's such a big part of my life right now. 

Here is a snap shot of some Valentine's Day creations I've been working on . 

And to send us off for the month of February, Haddie whose too cool for school :)

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