Sunday, January 21, 2018

Family outings and date nights

One night for Family Home Evening, Tyson had us all draw a picture of the D.C. temple, to go along with our lesson on temple. Haddie asked me to help her with the outline but then she did the color. I love how each one is the same temple but they all look different. 

After getting LOTS of shots- 3 in each arm, we took the next day easy and I promised Haddie a treat (the way to her heart.) She picked Duck donuts, where the donuts are made hot a fresh. It's a family favorite for sure but we keep it for special occasions. Haddie got to pick out her donut and what I love is that she never wants Taryn or Daddy to feel left out, so she always asks if we can get them a treat too. I LOVE that about Haddie. 

For Tyson's love of YouTuber John and Hank Green, we reserved tickets to his show in D.C. and made it a date night. I have never met nicer people in D.C. Nerd fighters are the best people. We had so much fun listening to John and Hank Green and hearing about John's book, Turtles All the Way Down, which we got a copy of from our ticket package. I love date nights but most of all, I love seeing that happy face on Tyson. 

After Family Photos we always get donuts, mainly as a bribe to the girls for smiling. Our amazing and talented photographer, Caitlin Sheffer, told us about this cute donut shop called Paul's Bakery in her town of Fredricksberg, VA. Everyone leaves family photos with a happy face, knowing that donuts are in the near future. These were yummy!!!!!

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