Wednesday, February 1, 2017

MLK Weekend at a Cabin 2017

For Martin Luther King Day 2017, Brittany and Seth invited us to a cabin near Shenandoah. The property was really beautiful. It was a hazy, cold weekend and it continued to drizzle almost the whole time we were there. That's what brought the beauty to the property. 
We wore our rain boots and jumped in every puddle! 

There were gorgeous horses on the property and Haddie was in love! She has been loving horses for months now, often choosing them amongst her toys to hold on tight to. We stayed for a good long while watching these horses. I loved how she intently watched their every move. You could see the light in her eyes! 

The biggest Snickers bar I have ever seen. You don't want to know how much sugar is in 1 inch of a serving size! Don't worry- amongst all 8 of us (no 18 month old twins included) we finished that bar pretty quickly. 

There was a great Mini Golf course on the property and we played several games throughout the weekend. The girls loved to whack the ball around and eventually Taryn wanted to really learn how to play Mini Golf properly. Tyson is always a great and patient teacher. 

Little Braden joining in on the fun! 

We walked onto a cute little lake dock and enjoyed the view. Right after this photo, Haddie stepped right through the cracks of the dock and her foot went right into the lake. Thankfully she had her rainboots on so only a few drops got on her pants. Her boot didn't fall off either! Needless to say, she didn't want to go back on the dock again. 

Homemade donuts! 
We used to make these growing up. My mom carefully placed the slightly pulled Pillsbury biscuits  apart to look like donuts. Into the frying pan full of hot oil they went. When they came out piping hot, we placed them in a bag of powdered sugar and shook them like crazy. They were delicious with frosting put on top! The last time we made them, Tyson and I were in California and he was asking my Dad for permission to marry me. It's been awhile! 

Cora and Lori (Seth's Mom) on the playground. 

Can you tell we ate well? There were lots of yummy treats at the end of the night during this cabin trip! The girls were in heaven. 

Smores' for the win! 

Love this guy! 
We played a ton of games throughout the trip and loved every minute! 
It was such a relaxing weekend. Games, walks around the property, chatting and good food! 

Entertaining all the littles 

The whole group!!!!

Thanks to Brittany and Seth generously inviting us on their vacation, we enjoyed a relaxing weekend with little cell phone reception, forcing us to disconnect and enjoy what was around us. 

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