Tuesday, November 6, 2018

April 2018 for the Smiths

Haddie's friend Gwen recently got a mini Schouzer puppy. Her name is Pepper and my girls are in love! I'm grateful for friends who have dogs so I don't have to get one!

Trying to get everything done on a Saturday this time meant coming with Daddy to get his haircut, then jumping on the metro for a early morning in D.C.

The girls still love riding the metro and we love to utilize it during the weekend with no crowds. 

We're so glad we had a friend who worked for the White House. We were able to get a tour of the East Wing. Such a great time!

Sharing history of this beautiful country with our girls!
I did this tour way back when at about 10 years of age. 

Haddie thought the 30 minutes without food was a little rough. 

Tyson and I both said at the same time, "I love this painting."

Check off Tour the White House on our Bucket List!

A fed Haddie is a happy Haddie :)

We enjoy our Sunday walks amidst the new Spring flowers. Green Springs Gardens is close, beautiful and quiet. Such a lovely place!

We try to get as much out of our day as possible. I took Haddie & Gwen to Flight Trampoline Park to spend an hour of jumping around. 

Every year I enjoy squeezing in the Cherry Blossoms. It's crazy with tourist but I have to say, going during the week means I can find parking super easy and because it's a short drive into D.C. for us, we can make it a quick trip. 

Soaking in this time with my girlie. It will fly by!

Cookies make a good bribe for photos. 

It's good luck when a ladybug lands in your head before heading into Target. 

Her poses....always the best!

My friend Ali was able to get a bunch of friends into a free cycling class for her birthday. It was a fun experience but I definitely prefer Pilate's, running or something else!

Haddie and Olivia love spending as much time together as possible. A trip to the zoo for these two couldn't have been better. 

Anything horse related makes Haddie happy. 

The zoo is always the best way to wear out kids. I only wish I could nap too! 

Spring time in the garden! I've been able to take these past three years and really turn our little garden into something amazing. Planting perennials and rearranging here and there. I'm so proud of my little plants!

Taryn & Haddie love to help. And love to find every worm. 
They are very protective of them! 

These flowers filled in soooo well. 
(written 7 months later)

The happiest little flowers I ever did see. Begonia's were my favorite discovery this year. I only wish they were perennials.

Spring soccer!
Taryn dashes on the field and loves this sport so much. 

Taryn & Alex Kate work so well together. It's fun to see them pass to each other and score a goal. 
They have a natural soccer ability. It's amazing!

My brother Tyson came to visit for a Podiatry conference in Baltimore, MD. 
We drove up to stay with him because he had an extra bed with his hotel room. We brought sleeping bags for the kids and had fun exploring the city with Tyson.

That weekend was "Light City" and because of the great weather (around 50 degrees after a super long winter!) everyone was out! It was soo crowded. I've never seen as many people in one area as I did that night. 

We were walking around, getting a snack after dinner when someone down the street lit firecrackers. We thought it was gun shots. Terrifying! The police on horses starting galloping down the street towards us. We had our girls with us and just ran! Tyson & Tyson said I took off so quickly with the girls that they turned around and couldn't see me anymore. 
The hotel we were trying to run into locked us out. It was so scary. 
At that moment, I just wanted to hide my kids and get them somewhere safe.  
I was so scared. 
Finally Tyson & Tyson were right behind us with the room key, and we were able to get in once we showed it. 
We found out about an hour later that it wasn't gunshots, just fireworks. But man oh man- I'm done with Baltimore for awhile. 

Taryn has a gift with little kids. She really clicks with them. Sometimes we watch other kids whose parents work. This is little Kade, whom we have watched many times. He is such a cutie and loves Taryn!

Haddie is happy when she's had a nap. 
(Though she isn't always willing to take said nap)

Haddie and Charlotte- another little buddy friendship that is so fun to watch!

Haddie broke through her swimming barrier! She just exploded with her skills! We decided that sense it takes her a few months to remember how much she loves swimming and by then, we're in August and summer is almost over, we wold start he in swim lessons in April. It worked!!! She remembered she can swim so quickly, learned new skills and really improved!!!!!!

Haddie and Lincoln have a great relationship. They've known each other since birth and love to play together. Lincoln turned 4 years old and Haddie was so excited to go to his birthday party. His favorite treat? Mint ice cream! One of Haddie's favorite too!

We really enjoy sitting on the sidelines during Taryn's games and making comments to each other and noting tips to mention to Taryn after the game. 
I love my sideline babe. 

Here is Taryn playing basketball with her friend Dahlia from school. I love that Taryn is so into sports and connects well with other kids while playing too. 

A walk around Long Bridge park on a beautiful spring day is always a good idea. 

I put together a little party at Fort Scott park for my friend Ali who was turning 34 years old. We brought cookies, Tammi brought a plant for her and more. Sometimes it's just nice to be celebrated. 

Preschool crafts. I have enjoyed teaching Joy School for all these years. It's crazy to think it will all be over in just a few months. I've learned so much and I'm so glad I did it. I know Haddie and Taryn loved it too. 

We watched Daniel and  Charlotte during the mornings before school and for a bit after school while their parents had to attend a mandatory training for their next military assignment. It was great entertainment for the girls and they are such great kids. 

Daniel & Taryn. Such best buds. They were stuck together like glue. Similar interests: animals, marine life, rocks, coloring and soccer. 

Haddie and Charlotte spent lots of time together. Haddie had to learn to share and that was hard for her, but now she asks for playdates with Charlotte all the time. 

Megan had a work event in D.C. at the Kennedy Center so she came to stay with us. We LOVE having family in town!

Taryn skipped school that day and Megan was able to get us all tickets to see an Arts on The Horizon production. So entertaining and fun! It was a short trip for Megan but we're glad she could stay with us.  

Haddie's drawing of our family on the Boogie Board. I love when kids start to learn about drawing people with heads and bodies. We're working on the smiles :)

When we have a day to play with Taryn, we love to hit the D.C. museums. 
I LOVE this photo. Taryn was all about working hard to get the Igloo built and Haddie was there just for the fun of it. Captured so perfectly. 

The Smithsonian Gardens are gorgeous! Dream garden right there. 

I love exploring with these girls.

A Friday Pizza night! If we don't have a date planned, we make Friday night out family date night. Usually it's a movie at home but sometimes we mix it up. This happened to be a day of beautiful weather and we wanted to be outside. Crystal City Drive has a beautiful water fountain and great eateries. We grabbed a pizza and headed outside to eat and enjoy Ping Pong, giant Chess and a walk outside. 

Late into the night, you can often find me working on cakes. This was a colonel cake for the Air Force. I had to get the insignia just right! I traced the eagle on wax paper from the computer and then used that tracing to put it into gray fondant. Not easy but it turned out so well. 

Another beautiful walk along the National Arboretum 

We found a little snake!


One Sunday we finished church and instead of playing outside on the the amazingly long grass right out front, Haddie insisted on getting in the car so she could stay warm (so much crazy cold wind that day) and finish her coloring. She was bound and determined. Taryn on the other hand couldn't stop running laps!

We attended the STEM night at school. Taryn wanted to build an egg drop contraption. She got to thinking and digging through our recycling and came up with a brilliant idea! 

All assembled and ready to drop!

The STEM night was so well done. I heard this year was way better than in years past. I'm so glad we went!

Even Haddie got to join in with some coding bots. 

Taryn's egg drop contraption was a success! Her egg didn't break and she won an award! Yay!
I love that her love for math and science comes so naturally. 

What a fun night!

I don't want to ever forget the beauty of Spring here. 

Date night with Tyson is always the best. 
We tried out Taqueria el Poblano. Sooo good! 

April was busy and fun and with the warmer weather, we were able to really get out and enjoy everything around us. 

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