Sunday, October 11, 2009

An Arizona Shower

Christie Shumway's mom(it's kinda hard to see her in the back ground)- She is so talented. She and Christie made all the food- the delicious bread bowls, baked potato soup, cream of broccoli soup, and a yummy salad
The cute tables!
Christie-she's amazing! And Sister Nichols (the Bishop's wife)

My sister in-laws to be! Amy Smith, Jenny Smith, and Janette Smith Booth

Christie threw me a wonderful bridal shower in Arizona this past weekend. She has been such an amazing friend! I call her family my "Second Family" or "Arizona Family" because they were always so wonderful- caring, giving, and loving. I felt so blessed to be with friends and family
( my soon to be sister-in laws came!- Such Sweethearts!) It was great to have everyone there and I had a lot of fun talking and laughing with them.

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